Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Making a flower vase out of an empty wine glass bottle with a glass bottle cutter

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My name is Matthew and this is the Bottle Cutter Club Blog by Home Pro Shop.

We’re going to use the Home Pro Shop bottle cutter to make a flower vase out of an empty wine bottle. For this, you’re going to need an empty wine bottle the bottle cutter and some awesome flowers, so let’s begin! 

We’ll start off by placing the bottle onto the bottle cutter. You want to adjust the length and make sure it holds securely with the base.  So you want to adjust the glass bottle cutter backstop till you know get the height you want. So the more forward you go it’s going to make the vase shorter. So after it is set you tighten that up.  
Also I should mention beforehand you should be having water boiling and also ice-cold water because after you score the bottle, you’re going to want to dip it into some boiling hot water and then from there you want to dip it into the ice-cold water and it’s going to separate the bottle.  
Put on the safety gloves before you start cutting the bottle. It is better to wear them so that you don’t cut your hands. They’re cut resistant I guess you could say. 
When you start scoring the glass bottle you want to put a little bit of pressure, about a medium amount of pressure, and you want to just roll it towards you, gently, just so it’s one even line.  You’re only going to go one rotation. One revolution. And here we go.
You will actually hear the glass score.

There we go.  Now I will get my hot water and my cold water. Now I’ve got my, hot boiled water here and I’ve got my ice-cold water ready. What you want to do is pick the glass bottle up and dip it in the hot water. It’s in there. It’s going.  Leave it in there for a few seconds and let’s get it into the ice-cold water here.  Flip it over.
And there you go.  Pops right off.  

And like I said before, remember you just want to go one revolution around, the bottle, so you get one clean score and now you just sand the glass bottle down with your paper here.  So you don’t cut your hands, for one. Look at that. Beautiful straight cut. Love it.

After you finish sanding the bottle you want to fill in some marbles and put some flowers up and you’ve got yourself a nice little flower vase.
Hope you enjoyed this blog post.  Thank you so much for joining us and reading this to the end.  In case you want a glass bottle cutter click here.
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